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A New Era of Connexus

ConnexFM is taking facilities management content to the next level.

ConnexFM is continuing its digital transformation, and this means giving its members 24/7 year-round access to all the association has to offer. Members have been able to read content that was once exclusive to Connexus Magazine any time they want, but ConnexFM is taking things a step further by integrating all content vehicles the association has available — articles, videos and a plethora of educational resources — and providing members with everything they need to know on a given FM topic.

ConnexFM has established targeted monthly themes to give members a variety of high-quality content, accessible at the click of a button. Here’s a preview of the content members will see later this year:

· Budgeting Basics

· CFO Communication

· RFP Process and Technologies

· Waste Management

· Energy Management

· Water Efficiency

· Indoor Environmental Quality Control

· Outsourced FM Departments

· Augmented Reality/

· Virtual Reality

· The Future of CMMS

· Drone/Distribution Technology

· Building Automation Systems

· And many other topics based on FM trends, challenges and member-focused needs

ConnexFM is prepared to provide the most up-to-date and engaging content possible, which

is why all members are encouraged to join the conversation and participate. From Connexus article topics to white papers to “Daily Grind” subject-focused guests, ConnexFM is always looking for FM experts to contribute. You can visit to see the numerous ways you can impact the association, FM industry and your peers to further their knowledge and education.

Access Today!

Visit today to access all past issues of Connexus Magazine, and stay tuned for more engaging and informative content from ConnexFM in the future!

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