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Alex DiPietro Named ConnexFM’s Young Professional of the Year

The Herc Rentals dynamo was honored at the ConnexFM2022 National Conference in Long Beach this April.

Young professionals are, by definition, the future of any industry. But encouraging and celebrating those up-and-comers feels especially important these days, with nearly half of facilities managers reaching retirement age in the next several years. As the industry turns its eyes to the next generation, leaders begin to emerge. Among them, there is Alex DiPietro, Strategic Sales Manager at Herc Rentals. DiPietro has consistently distinguished herself as one of the most capable and effective players in the facilities management universe, and at the ConnexFM 2022 National Conference this April, she was named Young Professional of the Year.

Alex DiPietro, Herc Rentals

The Southwest Florida native has been with Herc Rentals, North America’s third largest equipment rental corporation, for five years. Starting as an individual contributor, she now manages her own team, supporting Multi-Site facilities across the U. S. with a wide range of rental needs. “It could be anything, from scissor lifts and forklifts, to emergency cooling and heating or power generation needs, and so much more,” DiPietro explained. “I help to support my customers 24/7 through our branch network of over 310 locations across North America.” Seeking to better understand the needs of Multi-Site facilities maintenance contractors is what brought her to ConnexFM initially. “It’s been a great resource for me to learn about the needs of the market and who the players are,” she said.

DiPietro, who became a member of ConnexFM in 2018, tries to take advantage of everything the organization has to offer, from attending local and virtual events to serving on the Young Professionals and Women In Action Committees. “ConnexFM has offered me so much knowledge and insight into the facilities management industry,” she said. “Understanding the trends and what’s important to Multi-Site facilities as well as Suppliers — and getting to meet a lot of those people — has all been extremely valuable.” Giving back to the ConnexFM community just came naturally.

Her advice to other young professionals? Get involved. “If you’re a member of ConnexFM, you’ve already got a leg up,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to speak up, ask questions, reach out.” She referenced the ConnexFM Mentorship program as a great way to learn from experienced facilities management professionals, and even offered herself as a resource to new members who are unsure of the best way to engage with the association. “I’d love to help be a source of support for other young professionals,” she said. A true leader, indeed.

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