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ConnexFM Honors 5 Service Excellence Award Winners

Members dedicated to volunteerism look to continue helping the association and their communities.

ConnexFM honored five members with the Service Excellence Award at the ConnexFM | 2022 National Conference in Long Beach, California, this past April. These awards are given to those who prioritize volunteerism and service outside of their day-to-day professional duties. Here, we highlight the five deserving recipients of this year’s Service Excellence Award.

Ryan Beck, W Services

Ryan Beck, W Services

Ryan Beck, Vice President Business Development at W Services, first joined ConnexFM in 2014 and has been heavily involved with the organization’s committees since 2017. Recently, he was named as a Supplier Alternate to the 2022–2023 ConnexFM Board of Directors. In addition, Beck has contributed to the Connex Foundation and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee. “For the Foundation, I, alongside my wonderful colleagues, raised a record amount of money for multiple causes in 2021 and 2022,” he said. “I also helped launch the DEI Committee at the 2021 ConnexFM National Conference and organized and executed several webinars.”

Beck was elated to have won the award, although he was not able to accept it in person. “My friends, colleagues and coworkers all sent me photos and video of them calling my name,” he said. “It gave me chills, and I was honored to be recognized for my contributions.”

Beck plans to stay involved with ConnexFM as along as he can. “I truly believe in the work we do,” he said, “and when it’s my time to roll off those committees, I look forward to getting involved wherever I can be of service.”

Stefanie Driscoll, Ferrandino & Son

Stefanie Driscoll, Ferrandino & Son

Stefanie Driscoll, Vice President of Client Relations at Ferrandino & Son, joined ConnexFM in 2018. However, she worked behind the scenes with her own company as it partnered with the association for 15 years. “I am what [ConnexFM CEO] Bill Yanek would describe as a ‘highly engaged member,’” she said.

Driscoll’s win stems from her involvement with ConnexFM’s Women in Action Committee (WIA), having served as the as the Professional Development Taskforce Leader for three years. “Over the past three years, we really were navigating the new world we’re living in while trying to stay connected with colleagues,” she said. “It’s amazing working alongside some amazing [chairpersons] and other taskforce leaders in the industry, especially with a focus on women in FM.”

Driscoll hopes to continue her service to the association by joining a new ConnexFM committee. “Being engaged and learning will help grow my career in the FM industry,” she said.

Jaclyn Frenzel, OnSite FM

Jaclyn Frenzel, OnSite FM

Jaclyn Frenzel, President of OnSite FM, has been a member of ConnexFM for more than a decade, first joining the association in 2009. Over the years, she has put together quite the resume: She has been a member of and chaired numerous committees, launched networking programs, volunteered and contributed to Connex Foundation projects, won election to the Board of Directors in 2018, became Board Secretary for two consecutive years and continues to serve on board committees. “The relationships I’ve made over the past 13 years have positively impacted my career in ways that can only be attributed to my involvement with ConnexFM,” Frenzel said.

Recently, Frenzel has dedicated her time to the Connex Foundation’s IMPACT Committee to ensure continuity and success. “Through my company, OnSite, we supported the needs of local charities and the Connex Foundation,” she said. “We’ve donated over 30,000 meals to our local food bank and clothing for the Dress for Success program, co-sponsored windows for the Impact Day project and continue to sponsor our local women’s shelter. I participate in the monthly WIA and Young Professional (YP) calls and in-person events to support the association.”

Frenzel plans to continue her work with ConnexFM by “encouraging the next generation of engaged members to step toward their full potential,” she said. “I revel in the experience and know firsthand how rewarding it can be.”

Megan Varano-Rios, Davaco

Megan Varano-Rios, Davaco

Megan Varano-Rios, Vice President — Facilities Maintenance at Davaco, joined the Connex Foundation IMPACT Committee at the 2021 ConnexFM National Conference. As a member, she helped plan and organize the 2022 IMPACT charity rehabilitation project of New Life Beginnings, a women and children’s facility in Long Beach, California. “To make this event successful, we needed to solicit the support of our industry peers to self-perform or take on portions of the facility repair needs,” she said. “Thankfully, I have a great network of trusted partners who really stepped up to the plate to give back when I approached them.”

Joining the IMPACT Committee and connecting with other members has done wonders for her career and self-confidence. “Staying engaged with others through ConnexFM has helped me break out of my shell and connect with other industry peers I had not previously networked with,” she said.

Varano-Rios was honored to be selected by her peers to win the Service Excellence Award. “I am grateful that the association acknowledged my hard work, and I’m hopeful that this will help draw interest and attention for others to get involved in future initiatives,” she said.

Jamie DelliSanti, Rubicon

Jamie DelliSanti, Senior Strategic Account Manager at Rubicon, was the final recipient of the Service Excellence Award this year. She could not be reached for comment.

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