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ConnexFM’s Commitment to Content

ConnexFM offers its members various ways to access valuable facilities management content.

ConnexFM is dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date and useful content to its members, and the association has several ways to access that valuable information in 2023.

Instant Access to Articles

Continuing on the path of “digital transformation,” ConnexFM is building its content library at for members to access anytime, anywhere. Thought-leadership from esteemed members that you can read and share is now available with a simple click.

The association aims to take things a step further this year, having formed a Thought Leadership Committee to help gather ideas and subject-matter experts to ensure the most topical content for facilities professionals.

The Thought Leadership Committee, in conjunction with all other ConnexFM Councils and Committees, wants to focus on the issues directly affecting Multi-Site FMs and Suppliers alike. This collaboration will help inform the content delivered to membership, from determining the most valuable timing of content themes to coordinating the resources needed to support these initiatives, which includes case studies, white papers, webinars, downloadable templates, town halls and more.

Content themes on the docket for 2023 include:

  • Addressing the skilled trades labor shortage

  • Upcoming or new regulatory policies affecting the industry

  • Professional skills development

  • Department/budget planning

For Your Eyes and Ears

Not only does ConnexFM offer informative articles for its members, but the association offers audio and video content, as well.

ConnexFM’s acclaimed web series, “The Daily Grind,” hosted by CEO Bill Yanek, offers easily digestible, timely interviews with industry experts on a wide range of topics. With an extensive video archive, members can access past episodes on demand.

If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to during your commute or when you have downtime, check out “The Retail Grind,” co-hosted by Yanek and industry expert Garrick Brown. This 45-minute monthly podcast provides listeners with deep insights into the sector’s rapidly evolving trends and analytics.

Visibility for the Industry

Facilities management is an oft-forgotten field, but ConnexFM has plans to get the association and its members more visibility. ConnexFM has partnered with Big Noise Communications, a public relations agency based in Philadelphia, to help promote the association to a wider audience. Through major media outlets, ConnexFM hopes to increase its exposure and attract new partners to further build and enhance the facilities industry.

Interested in contributing to any of the content streams offered by the association? Contact ConnexFM today!

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