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Education Essentials

Education sessions at the ConnexFM | 2022 National Conference will help members gain a competitive advantage in FM.

By: Lisa A Beach

Looking to stand out from the competition? Don’t miss the ConnexFM | 2022 National Conference for Multi-Site Facilities Professionals, April 24–27, in Long Beach, California. As the largest exhibition of facilities management trades in over 50 categories, the in-person conference gives you unparalleled access to more than 30 education sessions to learn the latest industry insights, expertise and trends. Plus, make new connections by diving into exclusive networking events and engaging with 300+ exhibitors. Check out some of the education sessions on tap at ConnexFM | 2022, from fundamentals to beyond the basics to executive edge.

Kick the Tires on the ProFM Credential

Speaker: James Myers, a provider of customized training for facilities professionals for more than 30 years

Thinking about earning your ProFM credential? In this interactive workshop ideal for facilities managers and service providers at all career stages, you’ll learn how — and why — you should earn the ProFM credential. Discover the 24 things FMs should know as you preview the ProFM Body of Knowledge. Work with a team of peers to answer ProFM quiz questions, win prizes and learn practical exam tips to help you pass.

Are You Certifiable? 5 Reasons Why Business Certifications Are Critical for Your Business

As the economy rebounds, existing businesses continue to expand while new companies launch daily. In such a competitive landscape, you can attract new customers and clients — and set your organization apart — through business certification. Learn how certification can help you earn more money, land more contracts and lead to better business performance.

Mentorship Moments: How Network Marketing Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others

Based on groundbreaking research, this highly interactive program reveals a practical process to help you unlock the potential in others. Look at your leadership differently, change how you interact with your team and learn how to bring out the best in your team members to enhance team performance and leadership growth.

Navigating the Changing Policy Landscape for Refrigerants

How will changes in refrigerant regulations impact your business? What budgetary or personnel impacts will you need to prepare for? Learn about current and pending regulation of refrigerants at the federal and state level (especially the recently passed AIM Act) and how it will impact your business. Discover your options to mitigate risks and get ahead of the curve.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn? (Non-Exhibiting Supplier Access)

Learn how to tap into the power of LinkedIn as a personal branding and marketing tool to help achieve your business goals. Discover how to create a digital brand that stands out from competitors, build better leads faster, connect with the right people, and manage your leads, prospects and contacts more efficiently.

Bust to Boom: Retail Rebounds Hard Post-COVID

At this breakfast session, eat and learn how retail has reemerged and planned growth is exploding. This session will break down where that growth will occur and the implications for retail properties from malls to outdoor shopping centers and every asset class in between.

Drive New Customers With Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations — Design Through Install

With explosive growth predicted for EV charging stations, how can you leverage them to increase customer traffic and redefine your organization’s sustainability footprint? Dive into all things EV in this immersive session that includes a real-life project install — including strategies for planning your own sites and talking points to take back to your leadership team. Plus, find out what’s needed to go to market and run an RFP to identify the right install partner.

The Great Resignation: Tactics and Strategies for Finding & Retaining the Best Employees

How can you attract and retain great employees? Learn how employment trends and regulations in minimum wage, paid time off and overtime will impact your ability to find and motivate employees. Discover how to offer innovative benefits. Identify the best places and tactics for finding and recruiting employees. Learn about the latest cloud-based technologies that help recruit, manage and compensate employees.

Future Proofing — Building the Business Case

Is your organization prepared for the future? The ConnexFM Technology Council continues its year-long discussion of how you can “future proof” not only your facilities management department, but your whole organization. Learn best practices for building the business case for future proofing proposals and where to find helpful ConnexFM resources.

Understanding the ADA Multi-Site Trap: Methods for Avoidance, Mitigation and Compliance

How well does your business comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Learn about ADA regulations and the problem of noncompliance. Examine the most common deficiencies targeted in multi-site facilities that result in litigation. Discuss best practices to avoid potential ADA lawsuits.

Help Build Your FM Team’s Competency, Confidence and Credibility

Speaker: Randy Olson, Vice President of Business Development at Professional Facility Management Institute

How can you hire and retain employees in the face of turnover, retirement and the Great Resignation? The answer: ProFM training. Understand the value of research-based FM training for employees and employers, and identify the 24 things every FM should know. See how ProFM training delivers these skills to individuals and teams — and the impact it has on competency, confidence and credibility.

Raise Your Voice! How to Lead Without Authority

Speakers: Jenna Dominguez & Dan Guajardo (Young Professionals Committee)

Join the conversation with other industry newbies in this interview-style panel that focuses on adjusting corporate hierarchy and creating a “flatter” work structure to encourage collaboration. Discover how inclusivity, diversity and collaboration pave the way to success, and gain confidence to share your ideas.

Decision-Making Approach for Building Maintenance Strategy

How can you determine an effective strategy in building maintenance and facilities management? Learn about the multicriteria decision-making method, choosing by advantages (CBA). Using a hypothetical case study, you’ll understand how CBA helps you evaluate decision-making criteria for a building maintenance facility management problem, regardless of building type and organization.

Get Ready to Learn

Don’t miss this power-packed, in-person educational and networking event. Dates and times are subject to change. Visit for an updated schedule.


Looking for Appetizer-Sized Sessions? Attend Mini-Bites!

Short on time? Squeeze in some (or all) of these 30-minute Mini-Bite sessions — each packed with need-to-know industry information.

1. ConnexFM Benchmarking – Why Should I Care?

2. How to Move From Task-Based RFPs to Outcome-Based Request for Solutions

3. State of Sustainability for Multi-Sites: Insights for Executive Action

4. Pitching to the C-Suite and Winning!

5. Making Dollars and Sense of New Cleaning Technologies for Facilities Maintenance

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