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Experience Your Competitive Advantage at ConnexFM2023

On behalf of the ConnexFM Board of Directors, volunteer leaders and HQ Team, welcome to ConnexFM2023! At ConnexFM2023, you will experience our world-class marketplace, top-notch professional development and unparalleled thought leadership. Topics for our keynote and other content at ConnexFM2023 align with key trends that ConnexFM members shared during our 2022 event lineup.

Joint FM/Supplier Engagement. ConnexFM will continue to bring FMs and Suppliers together. Not just for networking but to work jointly on industry issues. The ConnexFM Retail Council will lead this charge.

Technology. “Digital Transformation” is a reality for our current workforce. ConnexFM is transforming its operations and content to reflect this reality. Look to the ConnexFM Tech Council to lead this effort.

Supply Chain Challenges. We have an opportunity to help the industry be more creative and innovative in the face of supply chain and labor challenges. The ConnexFM Supplier Relations Committee has a vital role here.

Mentorship. We can support new industry professionals in various ways via mentorship, new-to-profession learning paths and sharing success stories. ConnexFM’s dedicated staff is taking its lead from the national board as well as the Women in Action, Young Professionals and Supplier Relations Committees to make more of these opportunities available.

ConnexFM Canada. As Canada continues to emerge from pandemic-related restrictions, ConnexFM is positioned to reinvigorate in-person networking and engagement in Canada via the ConnexFM Canadian Council.

ConnexFM Concierge Connexions. ConnexFM is taking our successful Quick Connects and overall member engagement to another, more personal concierge level. This will happen by consulting one-on-one with members to facilitate small group connections between FMs and Suppliers to help meet the everyday needs of FMs. Longtime member Donna Fuoco is on staff as the new Member Concierge to lead this effort.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). ESG reporting and compliance is here to stay for the FM industry. At a minimum, our FMs need to be conversant in ESG reporting. Suppliers will be increasingly required to declare ESG compliance as a prerequisite for client engagement. The ConnexFM ESG Committee is home to ConnexFM ESG efforts.

Elevating the FM Industry. All of the above trends contribute to unprecedented challenges and opportunities in the FM industry. And facilities managers — as the quarterbacks (QBs) of multi-site FM — will play a key role in elevating the FM industry. Our ConnexFM2023 keynote speaker, Hall of Fame QB Terry Bradshaw, was chosen to energize our FMs to lead FM industry elevation.

Your ConnexFM competitive advantage will be on full display at ConnexFM2023. For all you aspiring FM QBs, we will see you there!

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