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One Minute With Krystal Vasquez

Krystal Vasquez, CRFP, ProFM, Customer Integration & Support Manager, Chain Store Maintenance, Inc. — 13 years in FM

What’s a typical day like for you?

My typical day includes handling escalations, development of new business, strategizing with operations on how we can effectively serve our clients and content creation for our social media pages.

How has ConnexFM membership helped you in your career?

My ConnexFM membership has helped me develop my professional network and increase my knowledge of the industry by way of the Women in Action Committee’s ProFM grant. I earned my ProFM designation at the beginning of 2022 and the knowledge I gained from that program was invaluable.

Take us on your career journey. How did you get started in the FM industry?

I started with Chain Store Maintenance, Inc., in 2009 as a call center rep. I had previously been working as a recruiter in the insurance industry and needed a change. After a while,

I became a supervisor and I taught others how to think critically to solve our clients’ issues. That soon led to my position as Customer Support Liaison, and to my current role as Customer Integration and Support Manager.

As a Co-Chair of Connexion100, what value will it provide?

The Connexion100 Committee is focused on three key areas: marketplace, thought leadership and professional development. These three focuses are exactly what we need and what we are looking for in an association — a way to increase knowledge, be at the front of the pack in our fields and attract new talent.

Outside of work, what are your passions or hobbies?

I am a mom to two incredible kids who keep me busy with all their sports. When I do have some me time, I love going to concerts. Whether it’s a local band or mainstream concert, I love live music and I have a pretty impressive list of artists that I have seen perform.

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