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Overcoming the FM Talent Shortage

Learn why the ProFM credential may be right for you.

Facilities management employers are facing a people crisis, with staff recruitment and retention at the heart of it. While the retirement gap has been on the horizon for years, last year’s “great resignation” turned the issue into a nightmare for FM leaders. According to the Professional Facility Management Institute’s (ProFMI) 2022 FM Training Outlook Survey, 54% of respondents had open positions in their departments.

For employers, the loss of staff can mean lower productivity, lost institutional knowledge and increased recruiting and onboarding costs. According to ProFMI’s survey, the top three ways employers can boost retention are by offering increased compensation, training opportunities and internal advancement.

Rather than participating in a national bidding war on external talent, why not look inward to the hard-working, high-potential staff you already have? Training and upskilling can help fill knowledge and skill gaps, save recruitment time and money, and build a satisfied and loyal team.

What Training Do Facilities Managers Need?

The ProFM Body of Knowledge
Figure 1 – The ProFM Body of Knowledge

In 2017, ProFMI conducted an extensive global study, spanning 93 countries and more than 3,300 professionals, to identify the knowledge and skills required of today’s FMs.

Revalidated in 2021, this list of 24 knowledge areas and cross-functional competencies is the basis of the ProFM credential and training program (see Figure 1). It incorporates the ISO 41000 standards and is the most-aligned FM credential with the U.S. Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA).

What’s the Return on FM Training and Upskilling?

6 Critical Impacts of Training & Upskilling
Figure 2 – 6 Critical Impacts of Training & Upskilling

Accurately measuring the return on training investments has been a topic of debate for decades as there’s no simple formula. Ultimately, the return must be measured against the goals your organization hopes to achieve. Often, those goals have a financial impact, but sometimes the results are difficult to measure, such as confidence and morale.

ProFMI has identified six critical impacts of training and upskilling based on experiences and feedback from ProFM credential holders and their employers (see Figure 2).

  1. Increased Efficiency: Give your FMs the ability to see the full picture, understand how systems work together and identify ways to achieve short- and long-term efficiencies. Ensure your team is speaking the same language and has access to today’s best practices.

  2. Team Confidence and Capability: Confidence comes from knowing you’re capable. By gaining the critical knowledge and skills required of FMs and earning the ProFM credential, your FMs will believe in themselves and exude confidence to your organization and clients.

  3. Talent Retention: Avoid the costs related to talent loss. Training improves morale, loyalty and retention by showing your staff that the organization is eager to invest in their skills and career development.

  4. Financial Payback: ProFM training allows your FMs to identify opportunities for revenue growth and cost-savings, thereby improving the bottom line, increasing customer retention and attracting new clients.

  5. Practical Application: By choosing training developed by industry experts who understand the critical knowledge and skills required of today’s FMs, ProFM candidates learn best practices that can be implemented immediately.

  6. Complete and Current FM Knowledge: ProFM delivers the most current and comprehensive facility management training program available, incorporating the ISO 41000 series of FM standards and aligning with the U.S. Federal Buildings Personnel Act.

Rather than looking at training as an expense, it should be viewed as an investment that delivers incredible payback for years to come. By providing staff with the time and financial support to pursue professional training, employers see a quick return on investment through enhanced performance, confidence and credibility.


ProFM Recognition

ConnexFM would like to recognize members who have earned the ProFM credential since 2021.

  • Rowland Adamoli, NEST

  • Jaime Anderson, CBRE

  • French Bolen, Enterprise Signs

  • Natalie Coleman, T-Mobile

  • Richard Conohan, CBRE

  • Paul DelCorso, Sodexo

  • Ed Donaghy, Extra Space Storage

  • Robbie Drake, Murphy Oil USA

  • Kelly Fuerst, Trillium Facility Solutions

  • Kevin Gillen, Extra Space Storage

  • Cassidy Gistinger, Trillium Facility Solutions

  • Guy Green, T-Mobile

  • Angela Harper, T-Mobile

  • Joshua Lafayette, Trillium Facility Solutions

  • Bridgette Lemke, Trillium Facility Solutions

  • Kevin Lloyd, Extra Space Storage

  • Josh Ludington, Extra Space Storage

  • Alexander Markovski, CBRE

  • Melissa Marria, Ulta Beauty

  • Jeff McAnally, Advance Financial

  • Amy Mercier, Trillium Facility Solutions

  • William Miller, JLL

  • Scot Richardson, CBRE

  • Stanley Romanowicz, T-Mobile

  • Jessica Saile, Ferrandino & Son

  • Christopher Schmitz, T-Mobile

  • Michael Thomas, JLL

  • Krystal Vasquez, Chain Store Maintenance, Inc.

  • JD Wilcox, Lane Valente Industries

  • Eric Willer, Trillium Facility Solutions

  • Tim Wolfenden, Extra Space Storage

  • Carl Youngman, T-Mobile

  • Georgia Zisis, CBRE


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