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Sephora Wins U.S. Multi-Site Company of the Year

The personal care and beauty products chain rose above the competition to nab ConnexFM’s top spot.

As anyone who has ever visited a Sephora store can attest, their retail facilities are second to none. That reputation of excellence was celebrated this April at ConnexFM’s National Conference, where Sephora was named U.S. Multi-Site Company of the Year.

Sephora team at ConnexFM 2022 National Conference

It takes more than just good management for a company to win in this category — especially amid a global pandemic. Tony DiSpirito, Director of Store Preservation, shared what gave Sephora the edge in this category. “It’s really just a phenomenal place to work, especially during a really challenging period like during the [COVID-19] pandemic,” he said. “Sephora did an amazing job of making sure that we were not only safe, but well-educated about how best to take care of ourselves, our families, each other, and our stores. Truly, I couldn’t be happier with the way that the company supports me and my team every single day.”

Developing meaningful relationships with their suppliers, service providers, and other industry professionals has been crucial to the success of the Sephora team, and DiSpirito emphasized what a large role ConnexFM has played in that effort. “Industry involvement is critical to the work that we do,” he said. “It’s not just the tactical work of managing requests from stores or handling work orders or supplier relationships — it’s about taking a larger stand and trying to move the industry forward. I think that that has been evident in the participation of my team.” ConnexFM has also been a longtime source of supplemental industry education for Sephora. “Not only has it been good for us from a business standpoint, but the professional development opportunities ConnexFM has afforded my team have been invaluable,” DiSpirito added.

In a field full of formidable competition, a win like this is never expected. But as luck would have it, Sephora’s entire facilities team was present at the conference when their name was called. “Truthfully, I couldn’t be prouder of my team,” DiSpirito said. “They work their tails off every single day. Facilities can sometimes be a very thankless job, so to have that form of recognition, especially with everyone in attendance, really meant a lot. This is a team award, and one that I am extremely proud of because I think it speaks to how well we all work together and the reputation we’ve been able to build within the industry.”

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