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The Story of ConnexFM in 2024

Welcome to the ConnexFM2024 National Conference Issue of Connexus as we unveil an inspiring 2024 ConnexFM journey.

The Backbone of ConnexFM. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey, who weaved stories of common folk and uncommon heroes. Building on Paul Harvey’s legacy is Mike Rowe, who shares his narratives of extraordinary heroes at ConnexFM2024. ConnexFM is ripe with such ordinary extraordinary individuals and leaders. And these heroes are the backbone of the future of our association — skilled trades heroes.

2024. If Paul Harvey or Mike Rowe were to weave the story of ConnexFM in 2024, they would assuredly begin with our ConnexFM2026 Plan, which LEADs through:

Leveraging Technology — In 2023, ConnexFM completed a strategic analysis of the association’s tech stack and talent. This year, you will witness a tech revolution with a new mobile-capable and a digital strategy crafting a dynamic data marketplace.

Elevating Membership Experience — ConnexFM engagement will be reinvented with curated experiences connecting individual FMs to national and international audiences, creating a vibrant tapestry of interaction and collaboration.

Accelerating Career Development — Whether you’re a new FM, mid-career professional or legacy FM, ConnexFM is your professional development home, accelerating journeys and impacting the next generation.

Delivering a Talent Pipeline — Keeping our talent pipeline in focus, ConnexFM is forging alliances with influencers like Mike Rowe and behind-the-scenes heroes in the ConnexFM Council and Education members to cultivate a robust talent pipeline.

The Rest of the ConnexFM Story. Paul Harvey ended each monologue with a version of “Now you know the rest of the story,” presenting a unique twist on his spun narratives. ConnexFM’s story is one of consistent LEADership as we dive into the balance of 2024. It’s a story of innovation and continuous improvement to serve ConnexFM. Our twist is that ConnexFM is never the same from year to year.

In this issue, you’ll learn about the change happening at ConnexFM and meet the ConnexFM Leadership Team. Our journey toward delivering the ConnexFM competitive advantage never ends, nor does our commitment to you. Thank you for being part of the ConnexFM story past, present and future!

Stay up to date with the new initiatives at ConnexFM!

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