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Unleashing Your Potential

Discover your untapped talents and excel in your industry at the ConnexFM2024 National Conference.


By Rebecca Lubecki

Kirk Beaudoin, adidas
Kirk Beaudoin, adidas

Harness your potential with an intensive session at the ConnexFM2024 National Conference, featuring Kirk Beaudoin, Senior Facilities Manager at adidas, who will capture the essence of ConnexFM’s six-month “Be Great Mentoring Circle” dialogues and the dynamic Coffee and Connexion Circles. To benefit individuals at every stage of their careers, the conversation will center around key interpersonal skills that transcend industries.

It also explores self-discovery, leveraging strengths, embracing recognition, pursuing continuous learning and self-awareness, and building a compelling personal brand. The session will culminate with reflections on creating a significant legacy. Find Beaudoin at ConnexFM2024, and unlock your untapped potential, empowering you to leave an impact personally and professionally.

“I grew up playing sports, so I’m a bit competitive,” Beaudoin explained. “I’ve always strived to excel, do the best and be the best — and that spilled over into my working world. Like most people, I’ve had a career filled with highs, lows, challenges and wins. But I’ve always strived to excel. With my participation in the Be Great Mentoring Circles, my goal has always been to be the best facilities manager (FM) out there, to be the best version of me every day, and then each day to try to be a little bit better than the last, always improving. We discussed that in the Mentoring Circles, and that drive and attitude have served me well.”

Connexus spoke with Beaudoin to provide ConnexFM2024 National Conference attendees with a sneak peek of what they can anticipate before his session in Nashville.


[Connexus] Can you share what the Be Great Mentoring Circle is all about?

[Kirk Beaudoin] I compiled “Be Great” content for a program launched at adidas. They were called Mentoring Circles, which differ from 1:1 mentoring. They recruited mentors with specific skills or topics to share to lead the Circles, which they reposted for employees to attend, depending on their interests. Then the Circles — groups usually maxing out at 10 — would meet monthly for a couple of hours, and that cycle would run for eight to 12 months. Then, the program would start over with new mentees signing up. I’m hosting my fourth group this year with adidas.

With ConnexFM, we piloted a 1:1 mentoring program last year, which was well received. With about 25 mentors volunteering, we helped 25 mentees. But with the Coffee and Connexion Circles, it allows one mentor to share their content with a much larger group, hopefully impacting more people in the same amount of time. We’re constantly trying to get the message out and make sure all members know about the program and welcome them and their teams to dial in.


Why is the development of soft skills essential for facilities professionals?

[KB] It’s all about relationship building. A lot of what we do as FMs is transactional, but we’re all people, right? We are just trying to get our jobs done. In our industry, we depend on others to resolve most, if not all, of our issues. The quality of that service could very well depend on how you treat others and carry yourself. Emotional intelligence and empathy are the popular buzzwords. But it’s just about being decent, professional and treating people with respect and as equals while showing appreciation and valuing a job well done.


Are these soft skills only for the workplace, or are they also useful in your personal life?

[KB] Almost everything that I present has a workplace lens. And I use work-related examples. But I emphasize to the group when we start that these topics are all the chapters that can apply to anything: personal life, relationships, parenthood — everything.

As I share tips and insights in the course, I’m not getting into the facilities specifics. We’re not talking about best practices for issuing work orders or the proper number of filter changes. It’s all about being the best you can be and recognizing who you are, how you treat others, how you carry yourself and even how others view you. All of that applies to your entire life, not just work. Soft skills are about building you as a person.


Is soft skill development just for those new to the workforce, or can veteran professionals still learn these skills?

[KB] There’s a notion that if you aren’t moving forward, you’re falling behind or moving backward. One of my monthly topics is “Never Stop Learning.” Everyone should always be looking to improve or continue learning on some level, whether it’s new skills for your job, being aware of new technology or ongoing personal development. The simple goal is to be a little better today than you were yesterday, and it doesn’t matter where someone is in their career, whether they’re new or a veteran. This is good practice for a CEO or an intern. Everything that I’m sharing is not work related. It’s not job related. It’s people related. It’s character related. Everyone should continually be looking to be better.


Why will this session be valuable for conference attendees?

[KB] Everyone should walk away from this session inspired with a new outlook and to raise the bar and excel — even those who are already superstars. I’m sure they’ll walk away with a few fresh perspectives and some tools and tips to share with their teams. 


Learn more about ConnexFM’s Coffee and Connexion Circles.

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