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On the Road with Bill Yanek, ConnexFM CEO

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Wise Councils in a New Year

ConnexFM Councils Are Here to Stay. Welcome to 2022! Most of us would like to forget about 2020 and 2021, but at ConnexFM, there were memorable moments worth savoring. Operationally, ConnexFM evolved to reflect the needs of our members and continued to deliver a competitive advantage in facilities management. One such evolution was the organization and implementation of ConnexFM Councils.

Writ large, ConnexFM is made up of Multi-Site Facilities Managers and Suppliers to those Multi-Site companies. However, we know that our FM industry is becoming increasingly complex and stratified into communities of interest that have specific needs.

ConnexFM Councils Will Lead. It is with that philosophy that ConnexFM created three new Councils and reimagined its Canadian efforts during 2020. ConnexFM now has Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Technology and Canadian Councils. Each Council has a leadership structure to help guide its efforts. ConnexFM Councils provide guidance on the development of specialized events and catered resources specific to their industry and within ConnexFM.

ConnexFM Council Events and Leader Development. With 2020 and 2021 being years of development and organization, what is next for our ConnexFM Councils? First and foremost, they will work to develop Council-specific tools and resources that will be available at and within the online communities that each Council maintains on the website. Second, each Council will host events exclusive to its community. These events will happen in concert with other ConnexFM events and, at least once during 2022, will happen as a stand-alone effort. Third, ConnexFM Councils will take on the additional mission of developing future ConnexFM Board candidates and leaders.

New Year, Same Mission. As we head into 2022, let us all commit to action across our association. To deliver the competitive advantage ConnexFM prides itself on providing, it depends on a membership base that is engaged and energized. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to the many of you who are already engaging across multiple ConnexFM fronts. To those interested in gaining a competitive advantage, join us as we make FM history in 2022.


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