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ConnexFM’s partnership with ProFMI offers major benefits to facilities professionals.

Agility and knowledge of a breadth of subjects are requirements for any facilities manager. From current technologies and trends to ISO standards and best practices, the education required to stay up to date on these issues can be burdensome. While there’s a wide number of one-off education courses, webinars and white papers on individual topics, wouldn’t it be easier to learn about all FM standards and practices in one comprehensive program? That’s why ConnexFM began its partnership with ProFMI in 2019 — to bring thoroughness and simplicity to FM education through the ProFM credential.

“Today’s facilities professionals require knowledge and skills that go beyond traditional facilities management to manage large capital budgets, satisfy the needs of building occupants and support the strategic goals of the organization,” said Randy Olson, VP of Global Business Development at ProFMI. “However, FM staff are entering the profession from diverse backgrounds and often have no facilities training, leaving many to learn by trial and error. Employers can fill those knowledge gaps with the ProFM credential.”

The benefits of the program for organizations are numerous, including:

  • Overcoming knowledge gaps created by retirement

  • Having your team all speak the same “language” and share a fundamental understanding of all FM concepts

  • Showing clients and prospects that your team has met a global standard of knowledge and skill, and is dedicated to excellence

  • Helping organizations retain top talent and minimizing the need for external recruitment

  • Increasing efficiency and job performance, saving time and money

Find out more about the ProFM Credential at

Christopher Schmitz, Facilities Manager, T-Mobile

Guy Green, Facilities Manager, T-Mobile

Natalie Coleman, Facilities Manager, T-Mobile

Kevin Lloyd, Field Brand Project Manager, Extra Space Storage

Josh Ludington, Facility Service Manager, Extra Space Storage

FM Training: By the Numbers

According to ProFMI’s 2021 FM Training Outlook Survey:

  • 79% of FMs say FM training and credentials result in better job performance.

  • According to FMs, the top 3 benefits of FM training and credentials are:

    1. Better job performance

    2. Increased confidence

    3. Addressing the FM skills gap

  • 72% of managers say a credential or qualification is an influential factor in hiring or promoting FM staff.

  • Industry training data says that every $1 invested in training returns a minimum of $5 to the organization.

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