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Getting Back to Work

Board Chair Jordan Campbell will continue leading to elevate ConnexFM during his second term.

Successful organizations have a major feature in common: a strong and engaged leadership team. Knowing this to be essential, ConnexFM members have made their voices heard by voting, and ConnexFM is proud to announce the 2021–2022 ConnexFM Board of Directors, anchored by returning Chair Jordan Campbell, Manager of Architecture Preservation at Bottega Veneta.

During his first term as Chair, Campbell helped oversee vital growth at ConnexFM as it began execution of its digital transformation to a more technologically focused organization, an initiative years in the making and essential for the current times. As he heads into his second term, Campbell is most excited about returning to some semblance of normalcy after a challenging year for Multi-Site facilities professionals. “We made some big moves in 2020 with our digital transformation, but, of course, we were forced to move a lot faster than we expected [due to the pandemic],” he said.

Hybrid Plans

Campbell explained that one goal the association has for 2021 and onward is to pivot to more hybrid in-person/virtual events as the world begins to open back up. “I think that it’s going to be really groundbreaking to discover how we can make events as interactive and useful to our membership as possible,” he said. “We’re really on the cutting edge, and other associations will be watching us very closely so that they can learn from our experiences.”

That’s why he and the rest of the Board are looking forward to CONNEX2021 later this summer. “I’m really excited to see all the wonderful innovations that ConnexFM staff is going to have in place,” Campbell said.

The Competitive Advantage

ConnexFM prides itself on its Competitive Advantage, and it is one of the most important benefits that members receive from the association. Campbell sees this advantage as the ability to connect with and know people from every possible industry touching facilities management.

“For me, it means that I’m always the guy who knows somebody — but not like I’m a Yellow Pages where I can just flip through and find someone,” Campbell said. “Rather, I’ve already truly connected with that person. I like having those connections in my back pocket, even if I don’t need them at that moment. To me, that’s the ConnexFM Competitive Advantage.”

While Campbell has connected and networked with many members since he first joined ConnexFM, people may not know that he is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder — and has set a personal goal to become a proficient surfer in the near future.

His willingness to learn and adapt is exactly what ConnexFM needs as it moves to strengthen

the association and provide new opportunities for its membership over the next year.

2021–2022 ConnexFM Board of Directors

Meet Our New Board Members


Tony DiSpirito

Director of Store Preservation, Sephora

DiSpirito has worked in retail for the past 25 years. He spent most of his career working at Gap Inc., where he started as a Sales Associate and eventually was promoted into HQ roles in Store Operations, Retail Facilities and Store Development. DiSpirito has been with Sephora since 2017, leading his team in supporting 540-plus stores throughout the U.S. and Canada with all repair and maintenance needs. He is a people-focused and empathetic leader, the result of an educational background including a B.A. in Psychology and a master’s degree in Social Work.


Amanda Smith

Sr. Manager, Business Development, Superclean Service Company, Inc.

Having worked six years in Facilities, Smith previously spent 10-plus years in senior-level Retail Operations, which has given her a well-rounded perspective. Smith’s expertise lies in creation and implementation of customer SLAs, best practices and SOPs driven by employee/client engagement, and KPI analytics. Serving as Chair for ConnexFM’s Fundraising Committee and receiving the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award showcased Smith’s lifelong passion for leadership and progress through her commitment to service.


Sid Shetty

Vice President — Major Accounts, ServiceChannel

Shetty is a SaaS and marketplace platform leader with deep experience in account management, strategy, platform dynamics, business operations, analytics and leading high-performing teams

to take solutions to market. He has led multiple functions at ServiceChannel over the past 12

years, where he was a Consultant and Partner for more than 400 customers across multiple

industries. Today, Shetty is responsible for overseeing their largest accounts. Previously, he

was the Director of Engineering & Facilities at Steve & Barry’s, a 350-plus location retailer.


Tom Kay

Chief Revenue Officer, SMG Facility Services

Kay is the Chief Revenue Officer for SMG Holdings, LLC, where he leverages his knowledge of both sales and marketing to drive growth, align all revenue-generating departments and build

strategic partnerships. Kay has been involved with ConnexFM for nearly a decade supporting the Women in Action (WIA), Board Nomination, Best Practices, Editorial, Membership and the Membership Task Force Committees.


Garrick H. Brown

Managing Director, Western Region Research, Newmark

Brown is considered one of the United States’ leading real estate analysts, focusing on retail and consumer trends, economics and their impact on space. He has advised hundreds of retailers and landlords on these topics over the decades; his work has frequently been quoted in the media (ranging from Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and CNBC to dozens of local and national trades) and is a frequent speaker at industry events. He currently oversees research for the Western United States for Newmark, a full-service commercial real estate firm. He has served as a consultant to the Board of ConnexFM on economic and real estate issues. As a member of the Board, he will bring those skills to ConnexFM and its members so that they can plan accordingly for future trends.

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