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On the Road with Bill Yanek, CEO

Mel Robbins, Mother Teresa and a middle school basketball coach walk into a room ...

Wake-up Calls Needed.

It was late-March in the early ‘80s. The middle school basketball team was being soundly beaten at halftime by an inferior team. As the coach took to the chalk board to diagram a play, he caught a daydreamer out of the side of his eye. A chalky eraser went flying to wake the young player: “Yanek! Get your head in the game!”

Fast forward a few decades to spring 2021 — after a year of pandemic operations,

I am surely due for another eraser wake-up call. As a ConnexFM Team, we are proactively creating our wake-up calls through several efforts.

Simple. Powerful. Wake-up Calls.

Mother Teresa once said: “Be happy in the moment. That is enough.” Perhaps, but the ConnexFM Team is charging through 2021 with a little help from mindset friends. As a team, we read Atomic Habits by James Clear. His “1% better every day” is a powerful maxim that yields huge, positive results. And we are reaching back into our ConnexFM well of experts for their advice.

Well-known Wake-up Calls.

On our 100th episode of “The Daily Grind,” Gary “GaryVee” Vaynerchuk shared his unique mindfulness practices. GaryVee preaches enjoying the process, having patience and repeating the process over and over again. For the 200th episode of “The Daily Grind,” Mel Robbins shared her tips on mindfulness and the importance of a morning routine.

Robbins’ morning routine tips:

Give yourself a high-five in the morning to start celebrating yourself.
Calm your mind and body with positive affirmations.
Get present, and journal about three things you’re grateful for.
Practice discipline, and keep two personal promises.
Build focus: no phone for one hour.

Neuroscience Wake-up Calls.

The common thread I see from grouchy coaches, association teams and even well-known entrepreneurs and speakers: Success follows positive habits and being “present.” In this issue of Connexus, you will hear from performance expert Mark Panciera, who will expand upon this concept of positive actions, purposeful presence and neuroscience. GaryVee, Mel, and Mark can all be found in our “Daily Grind” video library at

ConnexFM Digital Transformation + Connexus. Years in the making, the ConnexFM Digital Transformation is now part of your Connexus experience. What you read in Connexus will now be part of what you see on “The Daily Grind,” search for at and, hopefully, what you use as tools to gain your competitive advantage in the FM industry. Join us on our digitally transformed road!

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